When my body experiences a shock or sees a threat, it quickly releases hormones in order to help it survive. It happens so often when sessions and editing pile up or when I am dealing with a difficult client or situation.

Hormones make me run faster and be stronger. My pulse and blood pressure increase, carrying more oxygen and sugar to the muscles in order to strengthen them. Hormones also reduce blood loss if the tissues are damaged by an uncomfortable situation.

On the other hand, this kind of body mobilization for survival has negative consequences. Under stress I’m agitated, anxious, nervous and irritable, I just don’t feel like myself. The magic is gone, inspiration loses power and I feel drained and not able to do my job, which is actually mood conscious.


These effects reduce my ability to function in various day-to-day activities and relationships with other people. Trembling with a heart like a flea, I find it difficult to work with precision and control. All I have to do is learn to adapt and preserve my integrity that is constantly threatened by stress and uncomfortable situations of all kinds.

How do you manage stress? Let’s see how we handle it and its effects together starting February 2018 on the STRESS MANAGEMENT WEBINAR with Larisa Tandem and Simina Moldoveanu.